Ice Dreams Founder, Vincent Herrmann is featured in

You would ask me what is a poptails? it is simply the contraction between POPSCILE & COCKTAIL… We can name them freezies or ice pops, you nailed it, it is a boozy ice bar remembering our childhood but only for grown up. Innovative, colorful and super tasty, ICE DREAMS is 100% made in the US, with natural flavor and premium spirits.

Vincent Herrmann, Ceo & Founder | Ice Dreams Distribution

ICE DREAMS, beyond a very challenging business story, is a wonderful human adventure with my team. This is my main pride and pleasure, working with people I love, who are passionate, committed to the brand and their work and in return I am committed to them the same way. With all the efforts, headaches, sweat and passion poured in this project, we are now distributed in 10 states across the USA and should extend soon!!

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