The funky Caribbean fusion of Ice Dreams Mojito rises from a natural combination of fine white rum with an exquisite natural flavors blend.
A modern frozen twist on a classic that is endlessly refreshing. On the beach or at a party, it’s hard to imagine summertime anywhere without this blissful poptail.

Take the plunge with
Ice Dreams Mojito.

Squeeze it till the end!

The happy harmony of Ice Dreams Piña Colada makes this poptail lovable with its epicurean mix of premium rum and natural flavors that weaves the tropics into the final taste.
The flavorful melody that springs up from the frozen cocktail is bound to make any moment a hit. The sensation in mouth is absolutely worth it.

Ice Dreams Piña Colada has hot rhythm in its name.

Swing to the beat!

The ultimate blush pink that defines Ice Dreams Cosmo embodies the perfect urban chic alchemy between a premium vodka infused with the perfect combination of natural flavors.

Not overly sweet or too tart, dazzling and invigorating, it’s one of the sexiest cocktails that’s just waiting for to be explored by fearless fashionable ladies and gents around.

Ice Dreams Cosmo looks stylish in pink.

Embrace the trend!

The vibrant mix of Ice Dreams Daiquiri Red spiked with fresh white rum, pops up from the brilliant balance of natural strawberry flavor.

Slightly sweet, explosive and refreshingly delicious, it’s time to enjoy this skyrocketing poptail in its coolest form.

Ice Dreams Daiquiri Red is the thirst-quenching real deal.

Calm the heatwave!